What I Do

Prankster Gangster Services

My services include A&R and talent scouting, plus creative market consulting for artists and business owners alike, looking for cross-cultural opportunities between English-speaking and Francophone business markets.

Who Needs My Services?

My talent scouting, marketing, and creative consulting services are available to international music, film, and corporate business professionals looking for the best in French & French-language music, film, culture and more. I also take on independent French and French-speaking artists looking for no-bullshit consulting services on breaking into international markets outside of the French-speaking world. 

Who Am I?

Born in Paris, France and raised in New York, I am a bilingual, dual national of France and the United States. As an award-winning video and tv journalist, with proven international arts and entertainment marketing and business experience spanning three continents, I take on creative French and French-language clients looking for expertise in breaking into English-language markets. At the same time, I consult with English-speaking entertainment, and corporate business owners on which French and French-language artists and personalities make sense for film & tv broadcasts, corporate event guest lists, touring opportunities, record contracts, and more.